Gorgeous Cabin Fully Furnished for only $26,000

Gorgeous Cabin Fully Furnished for only $26,000

Log cabins are already awesome enough, imagine one on wheels that can be moved wherever it needs to go! This 400 Sq ft Log Cabin on Wheels, is the perfect place to call home for anyone who wants to embrace tiny house or log cabin living. People are quickly realizing that they want to live simpler lives and do what makes them happy, instead of following the consumerist game and trying to fulfill themselves with meaningless things. Things from the material world will never satisfy the soul long term, it just becomes a rat race of getting more and more and more! It's wonderful to see that people are making their way back to a simpler lifestyle, living more meaningful lives.

This often means down sizing. People get rid of the stuff that no longer holds any meaning to them, and they begin to focus more energy on the things that really do matter. Like family, friends, making memories, focusing on passions and dreams. This way of life is totally much easier to achieve when we don't have massive bills to pay and are always going out seeking the next thing that we think will make us happy. Tiny house living is all about coming back to a way of life that is a testament to how we are reviewing our values as a society. People need more affordable solutions and this is the way to go for that, for sure.

This particular log cabin from Wilderness Cabins is a 400 square foot mobile home that has plenty of space for a tiny home. It would be a great place to start if a person was just starting out on their tiny house journey. There is a bedroom on the main floor, a bathroom, living room and even a loft for storage or sleeping. The great thing about tiny house living is that you make use of every square inch of the house, making sure no space is wasted. This log cabin on wheels would be perfect for a couple or a small family of 3. There is also a nice porch and lots of great windows to let in light. The ebay listing does say that it could sleep up to 8 people! So there is some room for guests, but you probably wouldnt want to have that many people living there full time!

Log homes and cabins are awesome because they use all natural materials to make them. They are super strong and durable, and they are a great option for housing. This cabin comes from Wilderness Log Cabins company and is the Wilderness Cabin 1611 model. Since it is 400 square feet, and on wheels, you dont have to pay property taxes on it, which is a bonus. The nice thing is that the wheels are hidden so it looks like a normal and regular smaller log cabin, but if you wanted to move it somewhere, it would be no problem. You can even choose your own fabrics, and finishes when ordering your own mobile log cabin! All of the finishes look amazing in the photos, and adding a deck or a porch around looks awesome! This sounds like such a wonderful idea to get started and to take on living in a smaller log cabin home.

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